Twin Cities

Principal Reasons For Wanting To Establish A Sister Cities Relationship

The purpose of entering twin sister relationship is to:

  1. To further international and regional understanding of communities.
  2. Exchange cultural and civic visits.
  3. Exchange technical knowledge and experience amongst the communities.
  4. Establish a people to people relationship.
  5. To promote a south to south cooperation.
  6. Promote investment and community partnerships in the twinned communities.

Support Government’s “LOOK EAST” policy.

Level of support for twining relationship in Kadoma community is very strong and is supported by all sectors of the community (churches, business community, schools, hospitals, political leadership, Council, Government departments etc.

Central Government approves twinning arrangements.

Stevenage Borough Council

Stevenage Borough Council, United Kingdom, a very active relationship which started in 1986

Njeru Town Council

Njeru Town Council, Uganda, a relationship which started in 1996 and is active.

City of Windhoek

City of Windhoek, Namibia, an active relationship which started in 2006